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The ghost of the beautiful Bianca

a  folk tale by popular tradition


At the beautiful balustrades of the staircase in palace Spinelli Laurino, located in Via dei Tribunali, some people swear  having often seen the ghost of the beautiful Bianca.

Being an orphan, Bianca  grew up in the halls of the palace and  was assigned as a bridesmaid to Lorenza Spinelli, daughter-in-law  of the  Prince. This lady  was as much a wicked  as an overpowering woman,  so her husband, just to stay away from her for some time, decided to go to war.

As he came into  his wife’s rooms to greet her, as usual he was answered rudely. Annoyed, the husband turned away to leave, but at that same moment his look met, in the mirror,  the sad and sorrow look  of  the good and lovely Bianca who was combing the lady, sorry  for what had happened.

It was a  completely innocent look, but the wicked lady, whom that eyes understanding did not escape to, thought otherwise.

The husband was still down on the road,  when she  ushered  Bianca into a small compartment of the wall in her room and made build a brick wall in front of it.

The poor girl could not defend herself in any way, she only said: “Let me entomb alive, but in gladness or greatness you’ll see me again.” It is said, in fact, that her ghost appeared very often in that palace to one or another Spinelli, always three days before the family  happened to have  a happy occasion  or a misfortune.

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