The miraculous rescue of Constantine

a tale by  folk tradition.


King Constantine was returning to Rome with her daughter  Constance and niece Patrizia, when his ship was hit by a violent storm.

Then the king  promised to God that, if they would have been saved from the drowing, he would build a church in Naples to St. John the Baptist.

The two women instead, prayed St. Lucia to be rescued from the danger and to let  the ship return  into  the harbour  without accidents.

With the prayers the young Constance made a solemn vow to the saint, whom she was devoted to: if they were returned without danger, she would  give an amount of moeny for the construction of the church wanted by her father.

God heard their prayers and made them land in Naples safely.

King Constantine and his daughter Constance immediately started  works to keep the promise and vow. The church was later enriched with paintings and precious objects and became the center of  cult for St. John and St. Lucia in June  and  December.

The church of San Giovanni Maggiore is located in the historic center of Naples, among the four largest parishes in the city. It was  built in the  place of a pagan temple dedicated to Antinous  by  Emperor Hadrian.

It underwent many modifications and restorations, and in 1685 it assumed the final form.

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