In the XVIII century Naples was marked by strong people devoutness: be enough the thought about Alfonso Maria de’ Liguori.

Alfonso Maria de’ Liguori was born in Marianella (the current Via Pietro Castiglione), he soon showed himself to be very clever in juridical studies, becoming one of the most important Neapolitan lawyers.

In 1715 he joined the “Pia Unione dei Dottori” (Pious United Doctors) assisting sick people in the Incurabili Hospital. After ten years of successful career, he decided to give up his profession and overtake the priest ministry. Receiving the priest order in 1726, because of family problems he renounced joining the Orator Order founded by Filippo Neri.

Alfonso Maria de’ Liguori dedicated himself to the less wealthy classes and became an innovator in sermon methods, thanks to his orator capabilities and the use of dialect (worth remembering his Christmas song dialect).

In 1732 he founded the Holy Saviour Congregation with the aim of evangelizing the most abandoned people.

In 1762 he was appointed Bishop in S. Agata dei Goti. In 1775 he was compelled to retire from his ecclesiastic mission due to health reasons. He died in Pagani in 1781.

In the popular Naples of Alfonso Maria de’ Liguori, the first holy Neapolitan woman was originated, Anna Maria Rosa Nicoletta Gallo. She was born in Naples in 1715 and her vocation was evident, but hindered by the family wanting for her a marriage, in the hope of a social growth.

Under the guide of a friar, St. John Joseph of the Cross, when she was sixteen, she joined the Franciscan order under the name of Mary Francisca of the Five Wounds.

The holy lady lived her vocation like a nun, keeping her votes but living in the world. Mary Francisca of the Five Wounds highly influenced many Neapolitans of any class and she died in 1791.

During the last years of her life Anna Maria Rosa Nicoletta Gallo had as confessor Francesco Saverio Maria Bianchi, born in Arpino in 1743, he died in Naples in 1815 and he was beatified by Pope Leon XIII in 1893, and sanctified by Pope Pio XII in 1951.

(1696-1788) upsetting the missionary action. “Tu scendi dalle stelle” edit in Neapolitan

Francesco Saverio Maria Bianchi had known Alfonso Maria de’ Liguori and followed his steps. In 1762 he joined the Bernabiti order engaged in youth education.

In 1767 he became a priest, hereafter he was called to Naples, where he received prestigious tasks, becaming a University Lector. But he kept being nearer to the poor people.

In 1799 the Jacobin Revolution has as heroin Eleonora Fonseca Pimentel, born in 1792 in Rome and soon living in Naples. She was a poet appreciated by the Monarchs, she was the founder of the newspaper “Monitore Napoletano” where she explained her opposition against the Bourbons not succeeding in involving the people.

The same year 1799 the Republican attempt failed and Eleonora Fonseca Pimentel was put to death.


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